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Three simple steps for a thought leader to prioritize the problems to solve. Say you have a solution for each of the problems (if you don’t have one, don’t use this yet…..keep thinking about the solution :-). Label them as A, B, C, and so on. I really hope you have less than Z!

Note: I keep it simple here. If you would like to see details, please reach out to me by commenting below.

Step1: Find where each of the solutions fits in the Value matrix and mark them on a chart like below:

Step 2: Now, find where…

When I was invited by Salesforce to contribute to their Voice of the Customer Research program in August 2020, I started a compilation of everything they missed in the field service arena. I consider myself a domain expert in that area. During the interview, I only got a few minutes, and I was able to convey only 25% of the deficiencies from my list. Six months later, I got the invitation again. When I researched, I found out that this Salesforce product had caught up at an amazing speed! Kudos to Team Salesforce, who truly listen to their customers and…

If a private company makes an offer to provide services to the public sector, be it the simplest task of school cleaning to rocket science, the private company most likely will be able to undertake this task more efficiently, effectively and at less cost. This is simply because the private company is a specialist in the area of its services and the public sector focus should remain on serving the citizens. What are the factors that both of them should put on their radar to make this engagement the best one in the world!

Citizens come in all sizes and shapes and high volume too!

Citizen Obsession

Amazon believes in customer…

I hope you enjoyed reading my previous article titled Dawn of Digital Cops that used RPA to monitor field activities. As for any interesting movie, there is a sequel — and that gets better. This story uses very different technology — Machine learning and Computer Vision. A cop that can intervene and foster corrective actions.


I am a proud provider of essential services during the pandemic era! By the end of December 2020, my team worked relentlessly to provide internet service to millions of customers; and the number keeps growing through 2021. In order to deploy the network modem…

Field service technicians are the face of any organization. So, after hiring and training a team of talented and qualified technicians, it’s imperative to the success of the host organization that they are equipped with the tools required to appear their best in the playground.

Twin features using Twilio

Customers have a wow experience when they use Doordash, Instacart, Lyft, Uber, or may other apps on their phone. This is mainly because they know the exact time when the services would be rendered to them and also can provide feedback on the encounter. After the pandemic year 2020, the bar…

Communication — the word that has been very close to my heart. Working in the tele-communications industry for over 20 years, I have synthesized this word more than any other in my dictionary. Internet is the powerhouse of information in the modern era, but what it still lacks is the knack of communication — Providing the right information at the right time!

Communication is key!

As a major in Computer science, communications meant information transferred from machine to machine. Satellite communications sounded fancy. The electromagnetic impulses that traveled the boundaries of the physical medium were no less magical than the…

Today, Dec 14th,2020 Oracle announced that its Autonomous Database, released just two years ago, was recognized by Gartner in its recently published cloud database market reports. Oracle Autonomous Database scored highest in all four Use Cases in the 2020 Gartner “Critical Capabilities for Cloud Database Management Systems for Operational Use Cases” report. Oracle Autonomous Database runs natively on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, OCI. Oracle’s unique converged database enables organizations to use one database reducing complexity, cost and risk for customers.

Just three days ago, Oracle announced moving its headquarters from Redwood Shores, California, to Austin, Texas. According to Vaastu, the “archway…

Author chose this picture to match with the backdrop of Automation Anywhere
Author chose this picture to match with the backdrop of Automation Anywhere

This article summarizes the opinions of bot developers and bot users of Automation Anywhere RPA software. I derived the inferences from a survey of hundreds of clients across the world. I chose the above photo (personally clicked during my visit to Antelope Canyon) to match with the backdrop that Automation Anywhere uses on their website. Call it a AA Sandbox or AA sand-bots!

Need your help to keep this accurate, please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Top 10 Product Likes

1. Only RPA platform with the complete offering including process discovery, native cognitive automation, and analytics

2. Ability to run bot remotely in…

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