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About Anu Panch

See my Prof Profile at: Volunteer: and 2020 - I complete a decade in Hughes! That’s an amazing record for myself because in the previous decades of my life, haven’t worked in a company for more than 4 years or even lived in a city more than 4 years! Ten Trivia about ME that makes me SPECIAL! 1) - Ticker symbol of EchoStar (my employer) is same as first letters of my family - SATS (A is me!) 2) - My super power as per my boss: "Perseverance" 3) ⁃ Biggest surprise of work life: Perfect score in performance appraisal in all aspects. I reached to HR thinking it to be a system error! 4) ⁃ First ever Hughes product catalog in salesforce was inadvertently set-up with my name ! 5) ⁃ First ever case created during first go-live of customer portal HughesON 6) ⁃ First ever work order placed during first go-live of new Order-to-cash portal 7) ⁃ Acquired five certifications - PMP, Salesforce, Data security, AI, ML 8) ⁃ Changed office space four times, a different direction each time, as if I was checking out vastu! 9) ⁃ Most unusual item in my office: vultures in my window! 10) - What I miss the most during Covid: my colleagues!

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