Automation Anywhere sand bots

Author chose this picture to match with the backdrop of Automation Anywhere

This article summarizes the opinions of bot developers and bot users of Automation Anywhere RPA software. I derived the inferences from a survey of hundreds of clients across the world. I chose the above photo (personally clicked during my visit to Antelope Canyon) to match with the backdrop that Automation Anywhere uses on their website. Call it a AA Sandbox or AA sand-bots!

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Top 10 Product Likes

2. Ability to run bot remotely in Attended Automation 2.0, which allows managers to orchestrate workstreams across teams

3. AI-driven intelligent document processing solution for unstructured data

4. Cognitive — Native AI and ML, also integrates with 3rd party AI frameworks

5. Bot agent auto-update to later version, no downtime needed

6. Meta bot reusable code makes development quicker

7. Mobility with A2019 platform / Cloud, Cloud platform foundation for app administration 8. Multiple levels of cloning

9. Metabots are efficient in reading web content

10. Enhanced Security — • Veracode Level 5 Certified, which is the most Secure Platform • Most granular RBAC across every component HA/DR • Encryption across Bots Supports SAML 2.0, SSO, 2FA, Kerberos, etc. • Compliance with industry standards like FISMA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPPA and SO

Top 10 Product Challenges

  1. Can’t create an IQ bot for web automation
  2. Exception Management and Notification and generic error messages
  3. Not compatible with Selenium IDE
  4. No native chatbot capability
  5. Session management problems
  6. Interface with SAP
  7. Limited email automation, unable to send a dynamic email for customers with different emails
  8. The high rate of failure to automate dynamic web page controls such as INPUT, TEXTAREA, DROPDOWN (those having attributes Id and name)
  9. The selector does not support applications like “Tally” and “Oracle E-Business Suite (Java Applet)”

Top 5 reasons clients bought this product for

  1. Product roadmap and vision: Natural language processing (NLP) for capture, classify, and extract from documents and emails — IQ Bot combines the power of RPA with AI technologies such as Computer Vision. Can also leverage AI and ML using their Metabots
  2. Performance: Multi-Task Designer to run multiple tasks in parallel (add-on feature in Enterprise version 9.x and less)
  3. The anticipation of a powerful Discovery bot to assist with process mining and bot building
  4. Financial/organizational viability — Linux means lower licensing costs. Enterprise A2019 is the only RPA platform to offer a Linux option.

Top 5 issues raised by the client

  1. Needs improvement in capturing details from an image
  2. Supports Windows Platforms only — not available for Linux and Mac
  3. Lack of ‘fit to size’ object cloning and lack of variable types (like date, decimal values, string) which do not allow some kinds of tasks and difficulty of getting objects in some systems (Java, for example).
  4. More expensive than competitors